First of all, handling at Mount Olympus is a labor of love.  All of the dogs we handle are treated as our OWN.  They ALL live in our home with us, and are part of our family.  As part of our program, they are exercised naturally outside on our 10 acres.   When there are dogs that can play together - they get turned out together to romp and play.  If not, we provide roadwork and natural play with balls - or, turn them out with our teenage children, who have been raised with dogs.  Dogs are NEVER left outside unattended, and we do not leave them in kennels. Your dogs live in our home as one of our family when with us – meaning they get a lot of one-on-one attention.  When we travel to the shows, we travel in 38-ft RV set up specifically for the dogs comfort, with all of the things that make their travel easiest.  Setting up in a RV at the show is so much less stressful than leaving the dogs in a van or truck; we are always with them.  The dogs get better rest between shows, and are happier.  


BethAnn has been actively handling since 1988. In that time, she has bred and handled two all-breed best in show winners, achieved #1 ranking with one of them, and finished and specialed numerous other dogs of varying breeds.  The most important tenet of her handling is that the dogs must HAVE FUN.  She works hard to develop a rapport with the dogs so they trust and feel comfortable with what she asks of them in the ring.   She teaches them it's fun to show!


Please contact us for rates and contracts. Monthly show/board contracts, and board and train contracts are also available.

BethAnn Hanson - Breeder - Handler - Trainer

See below a few show pictures of BethAnn with show dogs both hers and from clients.



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